Buy your tickets for the 2024 Olympics in Paris !

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Buy your tickets for the 2024 Olympics in Paris !

This Thursday, December 1 at 11:00 a.m. marks the opening of registration for the draw to purchase custom ticket packages for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Zoom on how the ticketing system works.

Top start for the purchase of tickets for the Paris Olympic Games! Until January 31, 2023, Paris 2024 is launching the first phase of an extraordinary process: “With nearly ten million tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the largest volume ever offered for sale for a sporting event, we are opening up the Games like never before,” said Tony Estanguet,

President of Paris 2024. In order to give everyone a chance to get the ticket they want, the purchases, which will be made only via the platform tikcets.paris2024, will be based on a system of random draw. So until the end of January, you can register to participate in the draw for the purchase of custom packs. Small details of the calendar to come.


From December 1st to January 31st

Registration for the draw for the custom packs. It is also advisable to register to the Paris 2024 Club as the first four days of sales will be reserved to the members of the club drawn at random.

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From February 15 to March 15

If you are drawn, you will receive an email giving you a 48-hour window to buy your packs, two days before the sale. So watch your mailbox from February 13th!

Concerning the customized packs, you should know that a pack is equivalent to three sessions of one or several sports. When you compose a pack, the number of tickets selected will be the same for the three sessions. However, you can compose several packs during your purchase slot. As you can see, each pack is composed of three sessions.

The packs are independent, so if your first pack contains three-ticket sessions, the second can be composed of two-ticket sessions for example. The limit is set at 30 tickets per ticketing account, all purchase phases combined.

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Small practical example:

  • Pack 1: three tickets for the eventing cross-country, three tickets for the show jumping individual qualifier and three tickets for day 1 of the dressage qualifier.
  • Pack 2: two tickets for the eventing dressage, two tickets for the day 2 of the dressage qualifier and two tickets for the team qualifier in show jumping

You are then at 15 tickets out of 30, free to compose a new pack! Please note that the finals are not available in the pack purchase. Starting price of the tickets, 24 euros.

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Some sessions, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies, will not be available through these custom packs, but only through individual ticket sales. Registration for the draw for individual ticket sales will open on March 15, 2023, with sales beginning in May. For the Paralympic Games, ticket sales are scheduled for the end of the year. An official platform for the resale will also be created.

Go to to start your purchase process!

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