USHJA and IHSA have chosen Helite

USHJA and IHSA have chosen Helite

USHJA and IHSA have chosen Helite

As the leading airbag safety vest brand in the world, it should come as no surprise that Helite has also partnered with some of the best organizations and competitors in equestrian sport.

The foundation of our mission is to provide the best protection technology has to offer to riders and athletes from all walks of life. We believe that no rider should have to sacrifice  safety because of what they can afford, and we therefore have partnered with both the IHSA and the USHJA to make our vests attainable for all riders.

We understand that love for horses and riding has no price tag. However, the reality of the sport can be expenses difficult for even the most fortunate to maintain. Through our partnership with programs like the IHSA and the USHJA,

Helite USA is able to exclusively offer significant discounts on vests as well as the necessary replaceable equipment to participants who may otherwise forgo their safety to cut costs.

 @emoryhenryequestrian takes an other National champion with @mad.equestrian in the novice flat class and wins a Helite Zip’in airbag.
 @emoryhenryequestrian takes an other National champion with @mad.equestrian in the novice flat class and wins a Helite Zip’in airbag.

Both the IHSA and the USHJA are recognized as leading organizations in safety and inclusivity in the equestrian industry. The USHJA encompasses hunter and jumper horses, riders, and events across the entire United States.

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As stated on their website, their mission is to unify and represent the hunter and jumper disciplines of equestrian sport through education, recognition, and sports programs. The organization has been the leading governing body advocating for and representing the United States’ hunter/jumper community since 2003.

The IHSA holds an even longer history of involvement in equestrian sport after having been founded in 1967 by an ambitious college-level rider, Robert Cacchione.

As stated by their website, the non-profit organization’s mission is to provide equestrian competition for all college and university students regardless of riding level, gender, race, sexual orientation or financial status; the IHSA is dedicated to promoting sportsmanship, horsemanship, and academic excellence.The IHSA quickly grew to include multiple Western and English disciplines and now features over 400 member colleges.

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Helite is also partnered with over a dozen professional riders who represent the pinnacle of great athletes. Simply put, we work for the safety of all riders.


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