10 quotes from Rodrigo Pessoa

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10 quotes from Rodrigo Pessoa

We all know Rodrigo Pessoa, rider of the legendary Baloubet du Rouet, who followed in the footsteps of his father Nelson Pessoa to perfection.

Who better than an Olympic Champion, World Champion, winner of 47 5* events, but also a trainer whose reputation is no longer to be proven, to share some inspiring and enriching words? In addition to his many talents, the Brazilian rider also knows how to use the right words to express himself and touch his audience. Without further ado, here are 10 quotes from Rodrigo Pessoa that will help you step back and shape your mind like an Olympic Champion!

# Quote 1

Ever since I was a little boy, I always had a specific idea in my head. It was to do this job and be the best and win as much as possible – to be at the highest level. Seeing my father compete and go to all these events, it was my dream to do the same. To win in places like Aix or Geneva, and to become an Olympic Champion one day.”

# Quote 2

“You really need to have goals in life that are obtainable, but are also big dreams.”

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# Quote 3

“I don’t think there’s a bad situation if you’re able to turn it to the positive.”

# Quote 4

“If you’re able to get over an obstacle, you’re in good shape – but it takes time. You are your own mental trainer, because if you can’t get yourself out of that situation, no one will do it for you.”

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# Quote 5

“My job? Competitor. Competing is what I do for a living. One thing you either have or you don’t, with me it’s an instinct. A rage to win.”

# Quote 6

“With horses, it’s a roller coaster. There will always be ups and downs when you compete at the highest level.”

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# Quote 7

“The pressure and expectation has been there from the beginning, so I know how to deal with it, it’s been a part of my life forever now; for me it’s become normal.”

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# Quote 8

“Keep working, think long term, look to the future and always give it your best – always do your best.”

# Quote 9

“My tendency is to applaud and admire and not be jealous of another’s success. I get motivation from that. When I went to the Games for the first time, I saw Ludger Beerbaum become Olympic Champion and I thought to myself, that’s who I have to beat.”

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# Quote 10


“I always try to do the best I can. How I’m remembered…that’s for others to decide.”

Sources: World of Showjumping; The Horse Rider Journal; La Libre.

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