How a Homeless Man’s Kindness Toward a Sick Pony Led to a Life-Changing Opportunity

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How a Homeless Man’s Kindness Toward a Sick Pony Led to a Life-Changing Opportunity

A man who had been living in his car has been offered a home and a job after coming to the aid of a seriously ill rescue pony.

The pony, now named O’Grady, was discovered wandering near a beach in the Rhossili area in March and was taken in by the registered charity Woodfield Animal Sanctuary.

After being found to be seriously ill and in need of round-the-clock care, Roberta Bartington, the founder of the sanctuary, posted a Facebook appeal for help.

Karl Allen, who had been living in his car after facing hard times, responded to the appeal and quickly built a rapport with O’Grady.

Since then, Karl has spent every night with the pony, helping him to stand and providing him with the care he needs. Thanks to his dedication, O’Grady has made a remarkable recovery, putting on weight and becoming a much happier horse.

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Roberta has now offered Karl a job at the sanctuary and he has moved into a static caravan on the premises with his dog, Tilly.

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Karl said that he had always dreamt of working in a sanctuary and was delighted to be able to help O’Grady. “I know he’ll make it, because I won’t let him not,” he said.

The story of Karl and O’Grady has touched many hearts and serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that one person can make in the life of an animal in need.

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