Unlock the Secrets of Your Horse’s Mind: The Must-Read Guide That Will Revolutionize Your Riding!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Horse's Mind: The Must-Read Guide That Will Revolutionize Your Riding!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Horse’s Mind: The Must-Read Guide That Will Revolutionize Your Riding!

You think you know your horse? Think again. Introducing Inside a Horse’s Mind, an eye-opening new book by ethologist Léa Lansade. This guide will not only change your riding but also deepen your understanding of these majestic animals. And guess what, it pairs perfectly with our Helite Horse USA airbag vests for an all-round safe and enlightened riding experience.

Léa Lansade is not just an author; she’s an ethologist specializing in animal emotions and cognition. Her groundbreaking work aims to offer crucial insights into the horse’s cognition, perception, and emotions.

As Lansade herself says, “I had opened a Facebook account and realized that people were demanding information and wanted to learn more about horses, their perception of their environment, their operation.”

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Why You Need This Book in Your Life

Love alone can’t bridge the communication gap between you and your horse,” says Lansade. According to her, horses experience the world differently than humans. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do horses really think?” this book is your definitive guide.

More Than Just Information

Inside a Horse’s Mind is not just another horse book; it’s an immersive experience. Lansade even encourages you to perform small tests with your horse to validate the findings presented in the book, adding a whole new level of interaction.

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A Journey Through the Horse’s Mind

The book is organized meticulously, covering everything from the horse’s historical roles, unique anatomical features, to their behavior in the wild—free from the limiting view of dominance and submission.

Shatter Myths and Preconceptions

Lansade is not afraid to challenge some of the most deeply entrenched beliefs in horse management and training. “There is a good evolution, we are perhaps less entrenched in our positions than we were fifteen or twenty years ago,” she observes.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer drawn by the allure of equestrian sports, this book offers invaluable insights.

Evolving Understanding of Horse Welfare

Welfare debates are not just human concerns; they are reshaping the horse industry. “I have always wanted to know what animals, and horses in particular, felt,” Lansade explains. Her research offers us a path to ethical and informed practices.

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So, are you ready to transform your riding experience and deepen your understanding of these magnificent creatures? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know how Inside a Horse’s Mind changed your perspective! 

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