Magnetism – Healing through energies

Magnetism – Healing through energies

More and more known in the “human” world, the magnetizer is extremely little solicited by riders and professionals for their horses. However, this little-known discipline can detect and help with many pathologies.

The work of energies is the very essence of magnetism. A notion that can frighten and make many people doubt. Many even consider it to be witchcraft. However, magnetism is a recognized alternative medicine that can be used to treat burns or any other skin problem. It is particularly interesting for horses because it allows certain pains to be localized and localized treatments to be provided more quickly. Although better known for humans, very few magnetists still use their gift for horses.

In Normandy, Clément Perrin is already well known to professionals in the equestrian world. Breeders, clubs, individuals… many call on him. Sceptical at the beginning, the majority are surprised by the results on their horses. The Mouche breeding farm, in the Manche region of France, calls on him for pathology research. Clément is formal, he does not want to know anything about the horse before he has examined it, and thus carries out the most neutral research possible.

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With each horse, the magic happens. The magnetizer does not touch the horse. He walks his hand just above his body and perceives the energy. With each pass, the horse’s skin quivers, without any flies having come to bother it. When Clément walks his hands around his body, the diffuse heat from his fingers provokes impressive reactions.

Finding the pathology to treat it better

Clément keeps repeating: “I am in no way replacing a vet, an osteopath or treatments. I’m more of a complement.” When the breeder has a doubt about a horse, about stiffness, lameness or a locomotion problem, he calls Clément. During the session, some horses close their eyes, chew their food and let themselves go to a state of total relaxation while others have strong reactions.

Magnetism - Healing through energies
Magnetism – Healing through energies

Falcone, for example, a 7-year-old French saddle horse, has a sore back. When Clément passes his hand over his spine, the horse tenses up, turning his head sharply towards him. “Sometimes I almost get kicked,” says Clément, “when the pain is very strong in the limbs, for example, the horses can react violently.”

As for Goldie, also a sport mare, Clément is sure of himself: “She is blocked on her whole right side,” he says, “she has no pain on the left but has pain from her shoulder to her buttock on the right. She’s good to see the osteo!” Diagnoses always confirmed by the breeder: “I suspected it, she didn’t function like before at the jump, I found her strange.”

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Magnetism: a miracle solution? 

Magnetism acts on an incredible number of pathologies. Although Clément is often called upon to treat sarcoids, benign tumours that drive riders crazy, he has also worked on very different problems: getting a wolf’s tooth out of its mouth, calming a horse that is constantly on the eye, soothing a tendon or joint pain…

The manager of the Avrenchin equestrian centre called on Clément to treat a mare with entire patches of sarcoid. Ears, neck, belly, flank… no area is spared. This is already the second time that Azur, this little show jumping mare, has seen Clément.

The results are impressive, “At first I was very skeptical,” explains the manager, “but my neighbor had his pony’s sarcoids treated in this way, so I thought why not give it a try. Ten days after Clement came, some have already disappeared, diminished. It’s impressive. Now I’m the one who recommends it,” says the manager.

these techniques aim to improve the animal's well-being and comfort and should in no way replace a veterinary diagnosis and treatments
these techniques aim to improve the animal’s well-being and comfort and should in no way replace a veterinary diagnosis and treatments

Miracle solution or not, magnetism is beginning to prove itself in the equestrian world and brings a new dimension of well-being and understanding of the horse. It has the great advantage of being able to ask the horse if it is in pain somewhere and get an answer.

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Please note that these techniques aim to improve the animal’s well-being and comfort and should in no way replace a veterinary diagnosis and treatments, if these are necessary.

Clément, magnetizer

Clément has always been around horses, his father being a breeder. He became aware of his magnetism as he met them. Although he hates the term “gift“, he had to learn to interpret and use the heat emanating from his hands. When he successfully treated a mare’s sarcoid for the first time, he decided to become a professional through a magnetism training course. “The magnetizer knows how to use the surrounding energy, recover it and transmit it to the horse,” explains Clément


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