The Omaha World Cup Finals: Show Jumping, Dressage and Vaulting Ready to Begin

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The Omaha World Cup Finals: Show Jumping, Dressage and Vaulting Ready to Begin

The World Cup Finals for Show Jumping, Dressage and Vaulting will be held next week in the United States. The city of Omaha, Nebraska, has been chosen to host this annual event. Here is an overview of the couples who will be there.

The last (and only) time Omaha hosted a World Cup final was in 2017. This year, it is from April 5 to 8 that the show jumping, dressage and aerobatic athletes will meet for the final of the indoor circuit.


In show jumping, forty riders will try to dethrone the title holder, Martin Fuchs. Qualified automatically given his status as defending champion, as the FEI calls it, the Swiss rider has chosen Leone Jei for this event.

He will be facing serious competitors, such as the Olympic and World Champion and world number one Henrik von Eckermann, who is still associated with the brilliant King Edward.

As for the Europeans, the metronome pair Daniel Deusser and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z, but also Harrie Smolders and Monaco N.O.P., who have been very regular this year, will have to be closely watched.

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The young British rider Harry Charles, who finished fourth last year in his first participation in this final, will be associated with his new partner, Balou du Reventon. The American McLain Ward, winner of the final in 2017 and of the last Grand Prix of Geneva with HH Azur, will also be present, but this time with Callas.

Daniel Deusser and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z,
Daniel Deusser and Scuderia 1918 Tobago Z,

However, we will note the absence of Steve Guerdat, who did not manage to qualify this year. Since 2012, the Swiss had not missed a single edition of the World Cup Final. He also took part in the 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 World Cup finals.


In the dressage arena, those who were expecting the confrontation between the German Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and the British Charlotte Fry will be disappointed. Indeed, if the title holder puts it back on the line with TSF Dalera BB, her rival from the other side of the Channel, crowned World Champion in Herning last summer (and yet qualified) will not go to the New Continent.

A choice made because of Glamourdale’s stallion career, who will devote a few weeks to breeding before returning to the public, judges and competitors for the outdoor season.

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However, there are some great names in the field. For example, the Germans Isabell Werth, on DSP Quantaz, and Ingrid Klimke, associated with the demonstrative Franziskus FRH. The Dutch Dinja van Liere, who caused a sensation on the circuit this winter with Hermes, could also have a card to play. Finally, the American Steffen Peters will be keen to make his public proud on his Olympic Suppenkasper.

Isabell Werth, on DSP Quantaz
Isabell Werth, on DSP Quantaz

The French banner will have three representatives in Uncle Sam’s country. While he did not make it an objective at the beginning of the season, Julien Epaillard will finally be there with Donatello d’Auge. “The objective is to give Donatello experience in a multi-day competition format. He is still young and it will be very formative in view of the 2024 season and the Paris Games,” noted the Frenchman.

As for Kévin Staut, he comes more with podium objectives than training objectives. It must be said that Visconti du Telman is not at his debut at this level. He says that “Visconti now has all the experience to go through this week of competition. She is technically ready and still psychologically available. We will do our best to get a podium.”

Finally, in dressage this time, Morgan Barbançon Mestre and Sir Donnerhall II will also be on the trip. She hopes “to do her best to represent France” and believes that indoor competitions are “really [the] thing” for her 17-year-old brown bay.


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For the first time in the history of the discipline, the vaulters will play their final outside the European continent. Also, as none of the title holders will be present in Omaha (Manon Moutinho in the women’s event, Lorenzo Lupacchini in the men’s event and Janika Derks and Johannes Kay in the two-man event), all the competitors have a chance, even if some favorites stand out. 

This is the case of the Germans Julia Wagner and Jannick Heiland, or the number two in the world, the American Kimberly Palmer.

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