9 FAQs About The Horses In Game Of Thrones

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9 FAQs About The Horses In Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones was and still is an incredibly popular show. Well known for its violence, costumes, plots, and use of horses.

In almost every episode horses can be seen either in battle or used for transportation. Seeing so many horses used in one show has had many of us asking some questions.

Keep reading to see the 12 most asked questions regarding the horses in Game of Thrones.

1.Were Any Horses Injured or Killed During the Filming of Game of Thrones?

Surprisingly, no horses died or were hurt throughout the entire season of Game of Thrones. The crew responsible for the care of the horses took impeccable care of the animals used in the show. They were safe and in good care at all times.

2. What Breeds of Horses Were Used In Game Of Thrones?

Throughout the entire show, there were many different breeds used. However, most of them were Lusitano and Andalusian as well as some Welsh Cobs. Kit Harrington’s main horse, Tornado, is a Hungarian Warmblood Gelding. While Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who played Jamie Lannister, rode Dali, an Andalusian gray gelding.

3. Did Horses Actually Fall In Scenes?

In scenes where horses would fall, it was not CGI, it was actually real. The horses were trained to fall on cue and when they would fall, they would land on mattresses in order to not get hurt. The staff in charge of the horse’s welfare would only let a horse fall 3 times a day in order to keep them safe.

4. How Many Horses Did It Take To Film “Battle Of The Bastards?”

One of the most intense episodes is undeniably “Battle of the Bastards”. Where John Snow and Ramsey Bolton engage in an epic battle scene fighting for their spot to rule the North.

According to the crew, this episode was one of the most challenging to film. Battle of the Bastards required 100 horses and about 160 people in the horse department to create. The 160 people included grooms, stunt riders, assistants, and trailer drivers.

A lot of careful training went into this episode. For example, in order to film a collision where horses would lose their riders and run into each other, they would actually pass through 2-foot channels in order to “clear out”. This gave the appearance of a collision without it actually happening.

The show’s Horse Master, Camilla Naprous said “That was the first real-time we could bring a hundred horses out and really just go to town. It was incredible working with Kit because he’s so great on a horse. Being about to have a real actor galloping toward the army was exciting. I hate watching scenes with double.”

5. Did The Horses on Game Of Thrones Wear Makeup?

Yes, horses on Game of Thrones wore makeup. In order to look injured or dirty, they would wear makeup in certain scenes.

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6. Did Any Of The Actors On Game Of Thrones Do Their Own Riding? 

John Snow, played by Kit Harrington, was able to quickly pick up riding and did all of his own riding scenes. He learned how to ride during his time on Game of Thrones with Camilla Naprous. Kit rode three horses, Concord, Tornado, and Quentin.

Another star of Game of Thrones who did most of his own riding was Nikolaj Coster-Waladau, also known as Jamie Lannister. It’s been said that these two were the best riders in the entire series.

In almost every episode horses can be seen either in battle or used for transportation.
In almost every episode horses can be seen either in battle or used for transportation.
7. How Did The Dothraki Stand On Their Horses?

The Dothraki are well known for their horsemanship and abilities while riding. They often are seen standing on horseback or reaching down low to attack their enemies on the ground.

To be able to achieve this, Camilla created a special rig for the stunt riders. This setup allowed them to stand on top of their horses while galloping at full speed and swinging their weapons around.

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8. Are The Horses in Game Of Thrones In Other TV Shows or Movies?

The horses in Game of Thrones are called The Devil’s Horsemen and have been in many different films and shows. They were used in Wonder Woman, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, Justice League, and Les Miserables. Chances are if you see a horse on TV, it is probably from The Devil’s Horsemen.

Camilla, her brother Daniel and their father Gerald Naprous own and operate The Devil’s Horsemen.

9. Did The Horses Actually Charge John Snow Or Was It CGI?

In the Battle of the Bastards episode, John Snow bravely faces the Bolton army. You can see, what looks like hundreds of horses, charging toward him. In actuality, it was about 40 horses but they were all charging toward him. No CGI was used.

Kit Harrington said “When we had horses charging past me, those are real horses. Until the last minute, I was standing facing off against this calvary charge, which is really scary. I’m a bit annoyed because I think everyone will think it’s CGI, and it wasn’t.”


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