Revolution in the Ring: Deauville (France) to Host First Bitless Jumping Event This July!

Revolution in the Ring: Deauville (France) to Host First Bitless Jumping Event This July!

Revolution in the Ring: Deauville (France) to Host First Bitless Jumping Event This July!

In an unprecedented move that’s set to redefine equestrian competition norms, the Deauville International Horse Center announces a unique jumping event dedicated exclusively to bitless riders. This groundbreaking decision marks a significant moment in the evolution of horseback riding sports.

This July, the equestrian world will turn its gaze towards the picturesque Deauville International Horse Center, where a first-of-its-kind event is poised to take center stage. The Jump’Estival, co-organized with ESSEC, is breaking new ground by offering a jumping competition for bitless riders, a nod to the growing trend of riding without a bit.

The Rise of Bitless Riding

Over the last decade, a significant shift has been observed as more riders opt for bitless bridles. This movement, gaining momentum among equestrians from various backgrounds, has prompted manufacturers to expand their offerings to meet the demand for bitless riding gear.

The trend is not confined to casual riding; even at competitive levels, riders are exploring the benefits of bitless riding, with notable appearances in high-profile events such as a national Grand Prix in Ocala, Florida, where a horse was presented in a simple cordelette.

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A Specialized Course for Amateur Riders

Addressing the growing interest in bitless competition, the Deauville International Horse Center has curated a unique obstacle course specifically for amateur competitors who have embraced the bitless approach.

Set against the backdrop of the Jump’Estival, running from July 25th to 28th, this event is designed to welcome amateur riders, club riders, and horses equipped with cordelette, ethological halters, side pulls, or bitless bridles (with separate rankings), heralding a more inclusive competitive environment.

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A Milestone Event

This inaugural bitless jumping event at Deauville is not just a competition; it’s a statement, challenging traditional equestrian practices and championing a shift towards more humane and empathetic riding techniques. As one of the first officially organized events of its kind, it promises to be a landmark moment in the sport’s history.

As July approaches, anticipation builds for this pioneering event at the Deauville International Horse Center. It represents a significant step forward in the integration of bitless riding into mainstream equestrian sports, offering a glimpse into the future of competitive horseback riding.

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This event is not only an opportunity for bitless riders to showcase their skills but also a platform for the equestrian community to engage in meaningful discussions about the evolution of the sport.

For more information on the Jump’Estival and other upcoming events, visit the Deauville International Horse Center’s website. Let’s celebrate together the progress and innovation shaping the future of equestrian sports. Share your thoughts on bitless riding and this exciting new competition format in the comments below.

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