8 Records in the World of Horse Riding!

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8 Records in the World of Horse Riding!

As an extreme sport, horseback riding gives rise to impressive records, which we can hardly imagine without the images.

1- The 2m47 cleared by Alberto Larraguibel Morales & Huaso

You have probably already heard about this Chilean pair who, on February 5, 1949, crossed a height of 2m47 in Vina Del Mar, Chile. It was in 1947 that the Chilean office, Alberto Larraguibel Morales, was entrusted with an chestnut English thoroughbred racing stallion named Faithful. He renamed him Huaso.

The racehorse was bought by a Chilean army captain with the intent to make him a dressage horse, but an accident made him lame in one of his hindquarters, which prevented him from becoming a dressage horse. Nervous and difficult to control, he was spotted and subsequently purchased by an army horse master. 

He was specially trained for more than two years for the power tests before achieving his staggering performance. Today, 72 years later, the pair still holds the world record for high jump (on horseback, of course).

2- The 2m12 cleared without a saddle by Robert Whitaker & Waterstone II

Here is a name we all know: the Whitaker family, a family of horsemen and women. Robert Whitaker is the son of the famous John Whitaker.

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Robert may not have been an Olympic medallist, but he holds a record! On November 25, 2011, during the “Stockholm Globe” in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert Whitaker & Waterstone II took the world record for saddleless jumping by clearing a 2m12 wall.

Enough about Height, let’s talk a little distance!

3- 8m40 for Andre Ferreira & Something

On April 26, 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Andre Ferreira and his horse, Something, set the world record in long jumping, by crossing an obstacle composed of a hedge and preceded by a river.

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In horse life, it is not always about jumping. There are many other disciplines, including dressage!

4- 94.3% for Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro

The British rider, Charlotte Dujardin, a Carl Hester rider, has had quite a story with Valegro. Carl had initially picked him up to ride himself, but then admitted that Charlotte was doing better with the gelding and decided to hand him over to her. 

Offering his friend this incredible opportunity, this new horse and rider team went on to be crowned Olympic Team and Individual Champion in front of their home crowd in London in 2012, Individual World Champion in 2014 in Normandy, European Team Champion in Rotterdam and Individual Champion in Aachen in 2015. As if these medals were not enough, together they hold the record for the highest score in Grand Prix Freestyle with a final score of 94.3% in London on December 17, 2014. 

They were able to stop at the top and Valegro is now retired at the age of 18. Charlotte is well on her way to matching her own record with her new recruit, MSJ Freestyle, who is shining in the World Cup.

5- France, the most successful team

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Eighteen times European Mixed Champion and three times World Champion at the WEG (World Equestrian Games), the French Mixed Horse-Ball team is the most successful team in the discipline.

6- The Green Monkey at $16,000,000

Yes, The Green Monkey is the name of the most expensive horse sold at public auction. The Green Monkey was acquired for $425,000 at the age of seven months. Presented at a two-year-old sale, The Green Monkey galloped the 200 meters in 9.8 seconds. 

When he entered the ring, the auction house went crazy and the price exploded! The young two-year-old thoroughbred was sold for $16,000,000 (12.6 million euros) on behalf of the world’s largest stud: The Coolmore Stud. Despite a promising future, The Green Monkey fell in a race shortly afterward, cutting his career short. He only ran in three races and his best finish was 3rd place.

7- Sampson 2m19 and 1524 Kilos

This Shire gelding, born in England in 1846, is today still considered the tallest horse in the world. Measuring 2m19 and 1524 kilos as a four-year-old, Sampson remains the tallest and heaviest horse on record.

8- Einstein 35cm

The Falabella is known to be the smallest breed in the world. Einstein set the record as the smallest of the smallest. This Falabella was born in the United States and measures only 35cm at the withers! He dethroned the chestnut mare, Thumbelina, the previously smallest horse, who measured 44.5cm.

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