Laura Kraut Takes Chantilly Grand Prix Victory Aboard Bisquetta: A Triumph 13 Years in the Making

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Laura Kraut Takes Chantilly Grand Prix Victory Aboard Bisquetta: A Triumph 13 Years in the Making

Thirteen years after her unforgettable victory with Cedric, Laura Kraut and Bisquetta secure the win at the Chantilly Grand Prix.

Thirteen years since her remarkable triumph with Cedric at the Global Champions Tour in Chantilly, Laura Kraut has once again left an indelible mark on the illustrious Grand Prix de Chantilly. Riding her horse Bisquetta, the American equestrian star claimed a decisive win at this year’s edition of the Chantilly Classic, presented by GRANDPRIX Events. Kraut’s performance surpassed not only fellow American Giavanna Rinaldi on Parrandero, but also the French legend Roger-Yves Bost with Delph de Dénat*HDC, as she took home the title.

From Global Champions Tour to Chantilly Classic: Laura Kraut’s Legacy Continues

In 2010, the victory of Laura Kraut and Cedric in Chantilly’s Global Champions Tour left a profound imprint on equestrian sports. The duo’s astounding triple clear round left French rider Pénélope Leprevost on Mylord Carthago and Australian Edwina Tops-Alexander on Itot du Château over two seconds behind.

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The distinguished competitors Nick Skelton and Ludger Beerbaum, had to settle for fourth and fifth places respectively. This thrilling jump-off amidst a cheering crowd, with France’s magnificent Grandes Écuries as the backdrop, was nothing short of epic.

Fast-forward to 2023, Laura Kraut has once again etched her name in the annals of the Chantilly Grand Prix, revitalized after a year-long hiatus by GRANDPRIX Events. Even though the Grand Prix of this first edition was “only” rated at 1.55m, a classic height at the CSI 4* level, the magic was just as palpable for the 19th ranked rider in the world.

On this beautiful summer day, the top seed of the competition asserted her dominance and led the victory lap aboard her horse, Bisquetta.

A Tale of Triumph and Loyalty: Laura Kraut and Bisquetta

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Cedric, now enjoying a peaceful retirement at 25, passed the torch to the nine-year-old Z mare, Bisquetta. Interestingly, Bisquetta, sired by Bisquet Balou C and out of a dam by Takashi van Berkenbroeck, is owned by Margaret Duprey, who previously rescued the Kraut-Cedric pair from an inevitable sale. This is a testament to the enduring bond shared by two genuine equestrian enthusiasts.

The initial course, designed by Spanish course architect Elena Boix Gracia, aided by her mentor Santiago Varela Ullastres, saw seventeen pairs go clear. The jump-off was just as thrilling as the initial round, with faults scattered throughout the course, testing the mettle of the horse-rider pairs without overly straining the horses.

Strong Performances by Valentin Marcotte and Roger-Yves Bost

The jump-off opener, Cédric Hurel and German rider Marco Kutscher, stumbled on oxer 2 and vertical 12 with Fantasio Floreval and Aventador S. Swiss rider Niklaus Rutschi, British Jane Annett, and French rider Nicolas Layec set the pace for double clear rounds with Cardano, Impala, and Bulgarie d’Engandou.

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Valentin Marcotte started a series of five double clears with Diego del Caribe, finishing an impressive fourth. Laura Kraut, with a masterful display of rhythm and route, set a time with Bisquetta that was almost a second faster. The last riders were unable to beat her time. Roger-Yves Bost with Delph de Dénat*HDC thrilled the audience with a thrilling jump-off, earning a well-deserved third place. Giavanna Rinaldi and Parrandero came even closer, landing in second place with a time just behind Kraut’s.

Chantilly Classic: A New Chapter in Equestrian Sports

Thus concludes a fantastic week of equestrian sport. Chantilly, known as the world’s most beautiful racetrack, returns to its roots with gallop races commencing tomorrow. Fans eagerly await the return of the Chantilly Classic in 2024, just ahead of the Olympics, anticipating another electrifying chapter in this story of passion, performance, and prowess.

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