Breaking News: Equestrian Rider Paul Estermann Banned for 7 Years After Animal Cruelty Conviction!

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Breaking News: Equestrian Rider Paul Estermann Banned for 7 Years After Animal Cruelty Conviction!

Equestrian Rider Paul Estermann Faces 7-Year Ban for Animal Cruelty Conviction – Shocking Revelations from Swiss Federation’s Sanctions Commission!

After the final criminal conviction of equestrian rider Paul Estermann for multiple intentional acts of cruelty towards animals, the Sanctions Commission of the Swiss Equestrian Sports Federation has now imposed the penalty provided for by the federation: the rider will be banned from participating in any equestrian sports events for seven years.

As a reminder, the Swiss rider had been accused of mistreatment by his groom in the spring of 2017.

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By judgment of the Cantonal Court of Lucerne dated November 18, 2022, show jumper Paul Estermann was found guilty of multiple intentional acts of cruelty towards animals.

As a result, the Sanctions Commission (COSAN) of the Swiss Equestrian Sports Federation (FSSE) conducted an investigation under associative law, as the FSSE applies a zero tolerance policy in cases related to animal protection, and it is the responsibility of the COSAN to enforce it.

As part of the associative law investigation, Paul Estermann was invited for a voluntary hearing, which he refused. For the COSAN, this confirms the rider’s behavior, as he has shown no discernment or remorse for his actions throughout the criminal procedure, which was also the case in the COSAN procedure.

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After reviewing the file of the criminal procedure, the COSAN considers the rider’s behavior to be absolutely unacceptable. He intentionally caused moderately severe injuries to a horse, inflicting severe pain on the animal.

The rider thus violated the directives of the Equestrian Sports Federation. Such behavior not only damages the image of equestrian sports, but also the reputation of the Federation.

The President of the COSAN, Thomas Räber, has very clear words about this case: “The COSAN considers that the rider’s deliberate, selfish, and aggressive behavior reflects a blatant disregard for the welfare of the horse.”

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As a result, the COSAN has imposed a seven-year suspension on Paul Estermann. In addition, the rider will have to bear the procedural costs in the amount of 1200 Swiss francs.

Paul Estermann now has the option to appeal this decision of the COSAN to the Federation Tribunal within a period of 20 days.

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