Why Wearing an Airbag is a Must

Why Wearing an Airbag is a Must

Why Wearing an Airbag is a Must

Every month we receive dozens of testimonials praising the quality of Helite airbags. We thought it was important to share some of them with you.

Monica, 37 years old, South Carolina

“I’ve heard about airbags for riders for a while, but I couldn’t see myself wearing one for ego reasons. I started riding when I was 5 years old, and until now, I’ve never had a dangerous fall.

Last December, my husband, Charly, informed me of some very bad news. His best friend, Josh, fell during a training session. Unfortunately, he fell badly on his tailbone, and after several days in the hospital, the verdict was in. Josh will never walk again.

Josh’s doctor, who is also a rider, explained to Charly that there was an unstoppable way to prevent this kind of injury… airvest!

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That’s how several riders from our riding center decided to buy – AND WEAR – a Helite airbag.

And if I’m writing to you today, it’s also to thank you. Since the purchase of the Helite airbags and several bad falls – Murphy’s law – has taken place in the riding center. In this case, during a training session, my horse – Roxy – made a refusal of obstacle and I found myself 3 meters away in a rather violent way. Apart from a slight sprain in my fist, not a scratch. No bad pain in my ribs, back or neck! I am now thrilled to be wearing my Helite Zip’In 2 and I really recommend it to everyone.”

Jerry, 32 years old, Texas

“I am the proud father of Lana, 9 years old, who has always been passionate about horseback riding. As for me, I have never been on a horse, unlike her mother who has been riding for a long time.

When we registered Lana at 6 years old at the equestrian center, I was surprised that we had to buy an airbag for the little one. Without it, Lana could not practice.

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And if I am writing to you today to thank you, it is because I have just ordered a new bottle of CO2, following a bad fall of Lana.

Lana’s group went for a hack at the end of December, to spend some time in a different environment from the riding center. Unfortunately her pony got carried away and spooked. Lana landed on her back on a rocky embankment. Luckily she was wearing the Airbag.

The guides explained to us that the fall was violent. We did a check up and the doctors congratulated us for having bought the airbag, because it could have been very serious for Lana. A big thank you to the Helite team.”

Abby, 23 years old, Florida

Hi to the Helite team. Thank you for your service and the quality of your airbags. I have been riding for over 15 years now, training every day, and participating in major show jumping events.

Last week, a friend who wanted to convince me to buy your airbag lent me hers during our daily training. The first impressions were quite good. The airbag is light and it’s really nice to ride in.

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During this training, I fell on an obstacle and the horse fell on the left side of my back. Fortunately, I mean fortunately, I was wearing this airvest! Yes, I felt the pressure of the horse on my back, but I did not feel any pain. I didn’t even get a bruise! This incident finally convinced me to wear an airbag for both training and in show.

PS: my horse, Milady is doing very well”

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