Saddle Up America: Your Ultimate Preview of Paris 2024 Paralympic Equestrian!

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Saddle Up America: Your Ultimate Preview of Paris 2024 Paralympic Equestrian!

Get ready to mark your calendars! We’re exactly one year away from the electrifying Paralympic equestrian event at the Paris 2024 Games. Who has already clinched their spot? What’s the deal with the ticket sales? Keep reading; you won’t want to miss a trot!

What’s on the Horizon for Paralympic Equestrian at Paris 2024?

In the world of equestrian sports, para-dressage takes the Paralympic stage exclusively. Paris 2024 will witness 78 rider-horse pairs from around the globe, marking the seventeenth Paralympic competition for this discipline. Fifteen nations, each comprising four riders, are set to compete in a team event.

Who’s Already in the Saddle?

As the host nation, France automatically earns a spot. Other qualified countries include Germany, Belgium, the United States, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, and the Netherlands—each securing their place in the recent world championships held in Herning during the summer of 2022. Upcoming European Championships in Riesenbeck will offer an additional golden ticket for nations yet to qualify.

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Qualification Mechanics – How Do Countries Secure Their Ride?

According to a statement by the FEI, “the top six nations in the Paralympic FEI team rankings will secure their participation.” Four slots will be designated to the highest-ranking nation from these regions: Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Oceania. The remaining two will go to the highest scorers in the general Paralympic rankings to be released by FEI on December 31, 2023.

Extra Spots for Individual Excellence

Besides team competitors, 18 individual riders will also be present. Fifteen of these slots will go to the three highest-ranking riders in the individual Paralympic FEI rankings for each of these regions: Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. Additionally, three slots will be allocated by the FEI and the International Paralympic Committee.

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Ticket Alert! How to Be Part of the Spectacle

Ticket sales for the Paralympic Games in Paris open on October 9, covering all events, including finals and opening and closing ceremonies. Ticket prices range between €15 to €100, and nearly half of the tickets are priced at €25 or less. Unlike the Olympics, there’s no lottery system, so grab your tickets for your favorite sports as soon as they’re available!

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We want to hear from you! How do you think Team USA will perform at the Paralympic Equestrian event in Paris 2024? Sound off in the comments!

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