“CSI 5* Stockholm: World-Renowned Rider Peder Fredricson Hospitalized After Equestrian Accident

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“CSI 5* Stockholm: World-Renowned Rider Peder Fredricson Hospitalized After Equestrian Accident

In an unfortunate twist of events during the Longines Global Champions Tour at CSI 5* Stockholm, celebrated equestrian athlete, Peder Fredricson was unexpectedly sidelined due to an accident.

While preparing for a young horses’ event earlier in the day, the Swedish star had a mishap with his horse, H&M Que Sera, which led to his emergency hospitalization.

Peder Fredricson, originally scheduled to participate in the Grand Prix at CSI 5* Stockholm – the seventh stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour – unfortunately did not make it to the start. During the warm-up of an event earmarked for young horses earlier in the day, an accident involving the Swedish champion and H&M Que Sera occurred, as reported by the Instagram account H&M – We Love Horses.

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The Olympic silver medalist was promptly transported to the hospital, fully conscious, while his mare underwent an immediate veterinary inspection. Initial reports suggest that the former world number one has thankfully not suffered any broken bones, and that the bay mare “is doing well”.

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This incident underlines the ever-present risks involved in equestrian sports, even for experienced and highly-skilled riders like Fredricson. It further emphasizes the importance of taking adequate safety measures, including the use of airbags for riders, to mitigate the impact of such unexpected mishaps.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story and wishing Peder Fredricson a speedy recovery.

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