Discover “My Heroes Were Cowboys” on Netflix (VIDEO)

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Discover “My Heroes Were Cowboys” on Netflix (VIDEO)

Robin Wiltshire, the Hollywood horse trainer is the star of a short documentary on Netflix showcasing his journey, My Heroes Were Cowboys.

When you look at a horse standing still, it’s already magical. But a horse at a gallop, it’s like it has wings.” It is with these words spoken by Robin Wiltshire that this documentary produced by Chris Pine and available on the Netflix platform begins.

In the United States, Robin Wiltshire is notably known for having participated in the training of the horses of Django: Unchained but also for the training of the famous Clydesdales of Budweiser.

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He grew up surrounded by horses in the Australian countryside, where he describes himself as a loner. He was sent to live with his grandparents, where his grandmother encouraged him to be with the horses and above all, to be gentle with them.

After moving to America with his family, he discovered western movies and became fascinated with horse training and dreamed of working as a trainer for the movie industry. “When I arrived in Wyoming I knew I was home.

In about twenty minutes, we discover the evolution of the Australian, his beginnings in the cinema and his evolution, his way of working with horses, all against the background of the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming, where he is based at the Wiltshire ranch.

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When you start working with them, when you discover their talent, their dispositions, what they are capable of doing, then they immediately find their place” he explains about horses. A world and a character to be discovered during this documentary that is as close as possible to his daily life.


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    This was co produced by my friends son!

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