Dinard jumping tour in the Starting-blocks

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Dinard jumping tour in the Starting-blocks

After a compulsory veterinary inspection the day before, the first participants in the Jumping International de Dinard, 2023 edition, will set foot on the magnificent Val Poree grass course on Thursday morning, July 27.

There will be 180 riders from 20 nations and 380 horses competing in 24 events, culminating in the Rolex Grand Prix de la ville de Dinard on Sunday July 30 at 2.45pm, with its 500,000 Euros in prize money.

200 people, organizers and service providers, are putting the finishing touches to ensure that this 111th edition will be a success, welcoming riders, owners and the 50,000 spectators expected in the best possible conditions.

The gardeners from the town of Dinard complete the genetal embellishment of the Val Poree site and ensure the quality of the magnificent 2-hectare grassy area.

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Assembly of the structures, stands, restaurants and stables comes to an end. More than 70 exhibitors will liven up the village to the delight of the public.

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Gradually, the town of Dinard is decked out in pink, the color of hydrangeas emblematic of Brittany.

The Jumping International organizing team can’t wait to raise the curtain on this new edition of Grand Sport.

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