Revolutionizing Horse Trailers: Double D Trailers Launches 3D Printing Technology in the US!

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Revolutionizing Horse Trailers: Double D Trailers Launches 3D Printing Technology in the US!

After the prostheses, it’s time for the trailers! The American company Double D Trailers is embarking on the adventure of printing horse trailers in three dimensions.

The company has been specializing in the sale of horse trailers for about twenty years. But it is only recently that it opted for 3D printing. A solution that seems to respond to the problems that the company is facing. Namely, “raw material supply challenges,” “long lead times for customers,” “the negative environmental impact of manufacturing plants,” “design limitations with conventional manufacturing methods,” as stated on the company’s website. “The factory has trouble getting building materials on time”.

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For example, the windows have been out of stock for months – which means we can’t finish the trailers. The awnings for the trailers have also had huge shortages… trailers have been finished and customers are still waiting for an awning to arrive and be installed on their trailer,” comments company owner Brad Heath.

In addition to alleviating these supply issues, 3D printing would be more energy efficient. Using 3D printing “wastes less energy overall compared to standard manufacturing plants. And, the materials used to produce the first 3D printed horse trailer are much more durable,” it says on their website.

SAFE Trailers?

Equine safety is a top priority for the van and truck manufacturer. The choice of materials is therefore thoughtful. The van is made of a mixture of polycarbonate, carbon fiber and fiberglass. “We want to make sure the material is forgiving enough that the horse doesn’t get hurt kicking, but also strong enough that it’s safe,” the builders explain. 

The polycarbonate blend is a material that is said to last more than 30 years, while fiberglass is known to last up to 50 years. “The Safetack Reverse Carbon chassis will be carbon fiber mixed with polycarbonate and the rest of the trailer, including the sidewalls, roof, doors and glass, will be made of polycarbonate and fiberglass,” they continue.

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The 3D printing of the vans should take, between 15 to 20 hours. A record time, while a traditional van takes between 8 to 10 months between the order, its design and its arrival at its new owner. Although attractive, for the time being, this novelty on the market is not cheap, far from it! It costs no less than $79,300 to anticipate the production of the first model for two horses. However, this initiative is destined to develop, making it more accessible in time.

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