Paris 2024 Olympic Games – The state of play at 500 days !

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Paris 2024 Olympic Games – The state of play at 500 days !

There are only 500 days left until the start of the Olympic Games in Paris. The equestrian events will take place from July 27 to August 6, 2024. Ticketing, qualified teams, teams still looking for the precious sesame: let’s take stock.

These last weeks, the ticketing of the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 made a lot of talk… but not necessarily in good. Many have been disappointed when composing their custom package, chilled by the unavailability of their favorite sport (s) or the price of tickets that were promised accessible. 

Fortunately, from Wednesday, March 15 until April 20, it will be possible to register for the draw for individual tickets. This second purchase session will open on May 11, still based on the principle of a random draw.

As for the athletes, both human and equine, it is time to prepare. France, as host nation, is automatically qualified in the three equestrian disciplines on the program. But the other nations are all looking for a place.


The eventers will open the ball of equestrian sports on July 27 with their dressage test. Unlike previous Olympiads, this first test will last only one day. Seven of the sixteen nations that will be selected have qualified at the World Championships in Pratoni del Vivaro last September. They are Germany, the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland.

Two additional places will be awarded at the European Championships at Le Haras du Pin in August. This championship concerns the countries belonging to groups A and B (North West Europe and South West Europe).

Rings1 Quicklook V Rio PN16 28421 1
Gemma Tattersall GBR riding Quicklook V, during the Cross Country phase of the Eventing Competition at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Deodoro near Rio, Brazil on 8th August 2016

They will go to the two best nations that have not yet qualified. The stakes will be particularly high for Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, who are still seeking to qualify. For the nations in the groups on the other side of the Atlantic (D and E), such as Canada and Brazil, everything will be decided at the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile in October.

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There too, two places are up for grabs. The countries in groups F and G (Africa/Middle East and South East Asia/Oceania) have a date in Millstreet, Ireland, for a CCI qualification competition.

Those in Group C (Central and Eastern Europe/Central Asia) will have to travel to Baborowko, Poland, for the only place available. A final place will be offered to the best nation* in the 2023 Nations Cup circuit ranking.


The dressage couples will then enter Versailles, where 15 teams will try to win a medal. The dates of their competitions will be spread out from July 30 to August 1 and August 4. Germany, Australia, Denmark, the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden have joined France on the list of qualifiers.

Charlotte Dujardin Gio Tokyo2020 PN21 26619 1
Charlotte Dujardin ( GBR) riding Gio during the Grand Prix – Team and Individual Qualifier for the Olympic Dressage Competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games held at Equestrian Park in Setagaya-ku in Tokyo in Japan between the 23rd July and 8th August 2021

Seven places remain to be won: three at the European Championships in Riesenbeck (groups A and B) in September, two at the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile (groups D and E), one at the CDIO in Budapest (group C) in June and one at a CDIO (yet to be defined) which will benefit the nations in group F.


In show jumping, twenty nations will be able to claim the Olympic title. Eight of them (in addition to France) are already known. Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden obtained their ticket at the World Championships in Herning last summer.

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Belgium, winner of the Nations Cup final in Barcelona, joined them in October 2022. This same final will allow the best nation* of its 2023 edition to also obtain its precious sesame. Two weeks ago, the Nations Cup in Doha offered a place to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These countries belong to group F.

2057839 scaled 1
3 August 2021; Darragh Kenny of Ireland riding Cartello during the jumping individual qualifier at the Equestrian Park during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

For the time being, no country from the American continent is registered for the Paris event. The United States, Canada, Brazil or Mexico will fight at the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile to try to get one of the three places to be taken in groups D and E.

Similar scenario at the European Championships in Milan (groups A and B), from the end of August to the beginning of September. Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway and Switzerland will have to be among the three best* to take part in the Olympiad. Two nations from Group C will be selected after a CSIO in Prague in July. Those in Group G will have to go to Valkenswaard in July, where two tickets will also be at stake.

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