New Zealand Equestrian Federation Launches Appeal for Cyclone Gabrielle Victims, Including Equines

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New Zealand Equestrian Federation Launches Appeal for Cyclone Gabrielle Victims, Including Equines

Two weeks after the cyclone Gabrielle which hit the east coast of Northern New Zealand, the toll is heavy. For the equestrian world, the New Zealand Equestrian Federation launches an appeal for donations.

The cyclone Gabrielle, which hit the north of New Zealand last week, made many victims. Eleven deaths have been recorded and thousands of people are still being sought by the New Zealand authorities. They estimate the cost of repairs to be “billions of dollars”. The equines of the region were also victims of the torrential rains and the gusts of violent winds approaching 140 km/h. One image in particular has made its mark on the Web, showing a horse taking refuge from the waters on the roof of a shed.

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To help the animals on the spot, as well “of two to four legs”, the New Zealand Equestrian Federation, the Equestrian Sports New Zealand, makes an appeal for donations, as specified on its Internet site. The Federation has personally donated $5,000 and is committed to donating all the funds to the victims in the affected areas. This initiative has already raised a total of $56,241.50.

Financial aid is undeniably essential for the reconstruction of equestrian structures and the equestrian world. So, “if you want to help, provide horse feed and veterinary support, you can do so now,” says the Federation.

For more information about donations, click HERE.

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