Helite Airbag and Horses: Debunking Fear and Embracing Safety

Helite Airbag and Horses: Debunking Fear and Embracing Safety - Pic : Helite UK

Helite Airbag and Horses: Debunking Fear and Embracing Safety

In the equestrian world, safety is paramount. Riders and their horses face numerous risks, and protecting both rider and equine partner is of utmost importance.

Helite, a leading innovator in rider safety gear, has introduced an airbag system designed specifically for equestrians. However, concerns have been raised about the potential fear or danger associated with the deployment of the airbag.

Today, we delve into the truth behind these concerns and shed light on the safety and effectiveness of the Helite Airbag for horses.

Dispelling the Fear

One common misconception is that the noise of the airbag deployment might startle or spook the horse. At Helite, we understand these concerns and are determined to alleviate any worry. To address this issue, we conducted extensive testing and demonstrations to assess the horse’s reaction to the airbag inflation.

Demonstrating Confidence

In a recent demonstration, we had the opportunity to showcase the interaction between horses and the Helite Airbag. Dani, a seasoned equestrian, volunteered to participate, riding a 5-year-old mare.

The video footage captured during the demonstration reveals a remarkable reality – the noise associated with the airbag inflation does not spook the horse. In fact, the mare remained calm, standing perfectly still, and was almost entirely unaware of the airbag deployment.

The Speed of Safety

One crucial factor in ensuring the horse’s safety is the speed at which the airbag deploys. It happens so rapidly that the horse doesn’t have time to react or become startled. Safety is our top priority, and we have engineered the Helite Airbag to provide immediate protection in case of a fall or accident.

For the Rider and the Horse

The Helite Airbag is designed to safeguard both the rider and the horse. It acts as a protective cocoon, minimizing the risk of serious injuries to the rider’s upper body, including the neck, spine, and vital organs.

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Embracing Safety

With the truth revealed, it’s time to consider the benefits of wearing the Helite Airbag. By providing an added layer of protection, riders can ride with confidence, knowing that they have taken proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.

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The Helite Airbag is an investment in safety, offering peace of mind and reassurance to both riders and their equine partners.


The notion that the noise of the Helite Airbag might frighten horses is debunked. Through demonstrations and extensive testing, we have proven that horses remain calm and unaffected by the airbag inflation.

Safety is our primary concern, and we have designed the Helite Airbag with the utmost care and precision to ensure the well-being of riders and their equine companions. So, what’s stopping you from wearing the Helite Airbag?

Embrace safety and ride with confidence, knowing that fear has no place when it comes to the Helite Airbag and horses.

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