You can't wear the airbag under any garment because the air bag may not deploy correctly in the case of a fall. Only garments with the "compatible label" or Helite logo will ensure that the airbag will deploy correctly and protect the rider.

The Helite equestrian airbag vest can be worn under compatible garments or on top of any other clothing.

Please Note, only compatible clothing with the Helite logo guarantees that your airbag will deploy correctly, ensuring maximum safety.

The Airjacket can be worn over any equipment such as clothing or a body protector.

It is not recommended that you wear a body protector under the Zip'In as it may be too tight under the vest.

Helite outers and airbags are designed for outdoor use and can be worn in the rain. In case of heavy rain, we recommend adding a rain cape. Once you are out of the rain, simply hang the vest to dry.

The Airjacket is worn over your equipment (garment and rigid protector). The Zip'In can be combined with a compatible outer via a zipper or can be worn on its own.

CAUTION: remember to close the adjustment straps on the AirJacket and the zipper on the Zip'In to get the best protection in case of a fall.

All of Helite's airbag systems are delivered ready-to-use. This means that you can use the airbag directly after your purchase. Every airbag comes with 1 CO2 cartridge, a lanyard and a saddle strap. Make sure to install the saddle strap correctly to the stirrups bar and read the use guide carefully.

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