Cartridges are not reusable. In the case of a fall and the airbag is deployed, the cartridge will release all of the gas. You may recycle the cartridge or put it in the garbage.

You can travel with Helite's airbag in a bus, car or train without any restrictions. If you travel by plane, you may encounter some difficulties with the safety services regarding the CO2 cartridge used to inflate the airbag.

According to the IATA regulation, you are allowed to fly with 2 CO2 gas cartridges (volume must be less than 200cc), in the cabin or in the hold.

Although regulation may allow it, it is possible that security services or the airline company will refuse to let you board with it. We strongly recommend printing out the IATA regulations and showing the document to airport security or the airline if they ask for further explanations.IATA Regulations

It is up to airport security and the airline to make the final decision on whether or not to allow the airbag on board.

The Airjacket can be worn over any equipment such as clothing or a body protector.

It is not recommended that you wear a body protector under the Zip'In as it may be too tight under the vest.

The Helite equestrian airbag vest can be worn under compatible garments or on top of any other clothing.

Please Note, only compatible clothing with the Helite logo guarantees that your airbag will deploy correctly, ensuring maximum safety.

All of Helite's airbag systems are delivered ready-to-use. This means that you can use the airbag directly after your purchase. Every airbag comes with 1 CO2 cartridge, a lanyard and a saddle strap. Make sure to install the saddle strap correctly to the stirrups bar and read the use guide carefully.

Helite equestrian airbag systems come with a mechanical detection system that includes a lanyardsaddle strap and CO2 cartridge. To activate the system, the rider simply has to install the saddle strap and hook the lanyard's carabiner on the saddle strap. No tools or technical knowledge is required.

In case of a fall, the lanyard will unhook and the cartridge will deploy the airbag in less than 100 ms (faster than the blink of an eye). The airbag absorbs the impact and completely stabilizes the upper body from head to tailbone. For an airvest to deploy the rider and horse must be separated.

After inflation, the system can be reused and reset by the rider in less than 2 minutes by simply changing the CO2 cartridge.

In the event of a fall, the airbag vest inflates in less than 100 ms, protecting and stabilizing the upper body. After 15-20 seconds the airbag will slowly begin to deflate and after 5-7 minutes it will be completely deflated.

TIP: To deflate the airbag quicker, unscrew the cartridge which can be removed right after the fall.

It is important to choose the right size of airbag system to ensure optimal protection. We advise following the size chart available on each product page.

TIP: Measuring your back is a good indication to find the right size.

For The AirJacket, a fist must be able to fit between the vest and the clothing you are wearing under the vest.

CAUTION: the minimum weight of the user must be 35 kg (77 lbs). Our airbag systems must always be worn over your clothing or rigid protector.

AirJacket: Do not machine wash or soak in water. Clean your airbag by rubbing it with a soft cloth and soapy water.

Zip'In airbag: Do not machine wash or soak in water. Clean your airbag with a soft cloth and soapy water. (no detergent products that could alter the fabric)

Outers: Can be machine washed at 30°C or warm water.

TIP: Do not tumble dry or keep near a heat source. Once the airbag is clean, store it in a dry place away from humidity.

To install the device correctly, the saddle straps and lanyard must be placed properly. Check out the video below for how to install the saddle strap.

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