When the rider is ejected from the saddle, it pulls out the key-ball from the lanyard activating the system. The gas deploys into the airbag in less than 100 ms (faster than the blink of an eye). The airbag then absorbs the impact and stabilizes the upper body from head to tailbone while protecting internal organs and preventing whiplash.

It depends on the power of the dismount. Descending off the horse smoothly should not cause the airbag to deploy. However, if you jump off your horse, the system may deploy.

Helite's airbag systems contain a mechanical system that prevents unexpected activation. The tractive force required to trigger the airbag is between 20 and 30kg depending on the size. If the rider forgets to detach themselves when getting off the horse, they will feel a strong tension on their garment.

Similarly to the seatbelt in a car, attaching and detaching the lanyard will quickly become a habit.

Helite's airbags offer the greatest protection volume on the market, between 14L and 28L, depending on the size of the airbag. The larger the volume, the more impact will be absorbed in the event of fall.
The inflation time of Helite's airbag systems is 100 ms, which is faster than the blink of an eye. This speed allows inflation at a greater volume with optimal pressure.
Once you have installed the saddle strap, get on your horse with the airbag and stand up in the stirrups. If the saddle strap is at the proper length, there will be very little stretch from the lanyard.

It is important to replace the used cartridges with a new Helite one of the same capacity. You can buy cartridges at Heliteus.com or at any of our retailers.

Classic disciplines such as eventing, dressage, jumper, hunter and western.

Helite has 2 types of airbags, both of which are adaptable to the various disciplines.

  • The AirJacket: Dedicated to cross-country and eventing. With adjustable straps, this airbag vest can be worn over any equestrian clothing and also over a rigid protector.
  • The Zip'In Airbag: Designed for riders who want more discreet protection as well as style and comfort. The airbag and outer shell are seperate. Thus the rider can choose the outer shell according to their discipline. With a single zip, you can combine these two components and enjoy complete protection.

We collaborate with several brands who have created their outers to be compatible with the Helite Zip'In airbag.

The size of the cartridge depends on the size of the airbag vest. The size is indicated in the vest where you insert the cartridge as well as on the label of the cartridge, in the user guide and on Heliteus.com.

CAUTION: Only Helite cartridges may be used for Helite airbag vests. Other brands cannot guarantee optimal performance or proper deployment. Helite is not responsible in the case of dysfunction.

The saddle strap ensures that the airbag will deploy in case of a fall. Attaching the lanyard directly to the saddle could result in damage to the saddle and could interfere with the deployment of the airbag.
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