5 Professional Equestrians Who Wear Airbag Vests

5 Professional Equestrians Who Wear Airbag Vests

5 Professional Equestrians Who Wear Airbag Vests

Here are 5 professional riders who are doing everything they can to raise awareness about equestrian safety. They are doing this through promoting and advocating for airbag vests.

Jessica Springsteen

Jessica Springsteen is the daughter of Rock and Roll legend, Bruce Springsteen. She is a professional jumper and she wears and airbag vest. In an interview with Up Scale Living, Jessica states, 

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It’s normal to have a fall here and there, but this was my first bad one. Luckily, my horse and I were both ok. I think every sport comes with a bit of risk. I was nervous coming back – but it’s important to not have fear when you’re in the ring as it translates to your horse. After the fall, I have been wearing a protective vest, which has given me a sense of security.”

Quentin Judge

Top level rider, Quentin Judge also advocates for the efficacy of wearing an air vest. Quentin began competing at the age of 16 and has grown into one of the countries most notable athletes. 

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When talking about safety and wearing an airbag vest, he states “I am very happy to see more and more riders starting to wear an airbag jacket. Whatever their level, even the best 5*, I think it is a clever decision for everyone. Why not wear one?

Martin Fuchs

Martin Fuchs was one of the first top 10 riders to compete with an Airbag jacket on. He made his debut wearing an airbag vest at the 2019 Rolex Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen in Germany. Fuchs says “Safety first – I think it’s very important!”

Martin Fuchs Chaplin Geneva

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“It’s such a small thing to add and it can play such a huge factor in your safety. I think it’s silly not to ride with the vest, and I hope, for the next generation, we can show them it’s normal and cool to wear an airbag.”

Alexandra Crown

Alexandra Crown has been riding since she was born. She has competed for the USA and rides world wide. She says that she began wearing an airbag in 2019 because her friend was wearing one. She believes that some people look to others before they decide to follow suit.

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After a fall during a training session, she chose to wear her vest both in and out of the show ring. “There is nothing more important than being safe and being able to do this sport we love in the long run.”

Dani Goldstein

Dani Goldstein is unmissable, when she competes her hair feathers flow behind her. She also is a huge advocate for wearing airbag vests. Dani is an ambassador for Helite Equestrian air vests. 

Dani G Waldman Queensland E GETTY

She began wearing an airbag vest after a friend of hers was paralyzed in a riding accident. She says that many riders won’t sacrifice style for safety, and that needs to change. However, now there are options so riders can be comfortable, stylish and protected.

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