Helite CO2 Cartridges have a 10 year warranty. We advise verifying the cartridge at least once a year. To Verify, simply unscrew it and put it on a kitchen scale. The weight should be + or - 3g maximum of the weight indicated on the cartridge.

Check out the video to learn more about our CO2 cartridges

It is important to replace the used cartridges with a new Helite one of the same capacity. You can buy cartridges at or at any of our retailers.

Cartridges are not reusable. In the case of a fall and the airbag is deployed, the cartridge will release all of the gas. You may recycle the cartridge or put it in the garbage.

The size of the cartridge depends on the size of the airbag vest. The size is indicated in the vest where you insert the cartridge as well as on the label of the cartridge, in the user guide and on

CAUTION: Only Helite cartridges may be used for Helite airbag vests. Other brands cannot guarantee optimal performance or proper deployment. Helite is not responsible in the case of dysfunction.

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